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Muddy Clouds- my story with OCD

I am a romantic type of person. Yet, I am not mushy. I am going to talk about something at the risk of sounding mushy- when a person faces adversity integrity is important, but I suppose a small amount or rather large amount of mush will muddle my footprints.

I suppose though "mushy-ness" does not even BEGIN to describe my experience. I don't know what it does begin to describe. But to hell with it. I wanted to use this blog to use my voice. This is my mushiness; my adversity.

OCD has been very painful for me in my life, though I suppose has given me a fantastic story to tell. Fantastic meaning, complex, emotional and a window into my soul. I never really wrote much about my ocd, I suppose because I was always doubting everything, and figured writing about it was pointless. Now that I have come up from my temporary drowning I will use my air to gasp out the story and i suppose, mushy advocacy. If you have any questions about OCD or need resources, feel free to email me. Ocd is hard it makes life hard and talking about it is never easy. This took great effort to actually post on this platform, and do not worry, I will continue to doubt about it. Haha, joke at my expense. It is not easy for me to expose myself to my story again whilst i continue to live it. Yet i do know, It is not always easy to expose yourself to someone else's story while you live yours.

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