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Our run from Romance- how to handle building broken Sandcastles

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Thank you for joining my space to open your minds and allowing me to help you bring back that feeling of innocence and joy into your life.

A little about my journey,

I have struggled with Ocd and Depression throughout my life. I will never know why this was given to me or how I developed this and I ask myself every day how I did. How I can get through these obsessions and this insidious almost euphoric, drive to complete unhealthy dysfunctional behaviors to quell the never ending turmoil of anxiety. Whew, that was a lot of words! That.. is how I think every day. I am sure I am not alone, with my voracious vocabulary filled torture. I stand in solidarity with you, through my positive words despite the ones threatening to take my romance of life away. If I can get this out in the open and unapologetically inspire and motivate others to seek help, or find gratitude in illness and in life, that will be enough. Even though to ocd, nothing is ever enough.

So my friends, lovers, dancers and fighters,

please keep dancing in the rain goddammit!

Keep kissing your broken wounds and let the sand and waves of emotion pass through. Do not in your romantic pursuits, let anyone or any words stop you. We are all, beautiful little fools.

All my love,


Pictured right- a beautiful 5'3, little fool.

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